Sunday, January 26, 2014

Playing catch up--Days 6,7,8,9

I have been is crazy right now.  With an iPad distribution happening, I have been out of my classroom more than I have been in it. My free time has been playing catch up and planning for the times when I am out of the room.  Sometimes being gone is harder than being there.

Thursday was an exercise day off for.  I am giving myself one of those a week.  My old body can only take 6 days a week of work.  God rested on the Sabbath.   I did not food cheat this day...jsut no exercise.

Friday, I did not ordered out lunch with my co-workers.  2 of us are "being good" so it helps to not be the only one.
QSA workout at 4:30 and then a 12 minute cardio set to finish off the day.  WooHoo!!!

Saturday workouts at QSA will now be known as "how bad do you want it" workouts.  PJ enjoyed inflicting the torture on us.  Alex, Ryan, DJ, and Jason all keep popping in the room to witness the torture. Secretly they were laughing at us. 
Who starts a workout with 50 burpees, 50 renegade rows ON EACH SIDE, 50 thrusters, and then 50 kettle bell swings?  This wasn't even the first half of the workout.  AND the kicker was...a 35 minute cap.  I finished all but the last 48 superman jacks in the time limit....and then finished the superman jacks. 

Meal planning and shopping were done on Saturday.  It is the little things like BOGO chicken breasts at BiLo that excite me.

Sunday we hit the track as a family.  I got my 45 min training run in, D did an interval workout and bleacher runs, and J played football with some people who already playing on the field. 

As of Friday afternoon, I am down 6 lbs and 3% body fat.  The best stat is the loss of 9 lbs of fat mass.  This is working.  The clean eating and the workouts are making all the difference.  My jeans were loose this morning.  My ultimate goal is to wear this one particular white and black dress again.  I would love to be able to wear it in St John on March 8. 

How bad do I want it?  That is the question...

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