Saturday, February 1, 2014

10 things I have learned ---Half Way Point

Today marks the half way point in the New Year New You Challenge.  

Here are 10 things that I have learned or rediscovered in the last 14 days:

1.  I can survive on a clean eating diet and no carbs.
  •   Nutrition and eating well have always been a struggle for me.  I have survived 2 weeks eating lean protein and veggies.  And eggs.  And cottage cheese ( I still hate it).  Thank goodness for the awesome meal ideas and recipes that QSA has provided.  During our warm up on Thursday, several of us were talking about food and creative recipes.  "I am so tired of chicken and fish" too pal :)

2.  I can be like June Cleaver.
  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner have been cooked and prepared in my home for 2 WHOLE WEEKS.  With the exception of dinner this Thursday night....QSA, D's meeting, and no time = McAlister's Deli.  I had a salad and only used a portion of the balsamic dressing.  
  • Time management and preparation are key.  Weekly planned menu that hangs on the fridge, pre-prepped as much as possible, using time on the weekend makes it so much easier through out the week.
  • Bonus....I don't have to order lunch on Fridays with my co-workers. I have will power and my salad I fixed the night before. 

4. Waking up and checking the WOD is not a smart idea.
  • Why do I torture myself through out the day?  Isn't the WOD torture enough?
5. I can sacrifice sleeping late on Saturday morning for a workout.
  • 2 Saturdays in a row at the 9AM class.  I am most impressed with myself.  
  • Who comes up with the Saturday workouts anyway?  Some evil trainer that is locked up in the back room?  
  • "How bad do you want it?" is the new motto on Saturday.
6. The scale is not my friend.
  • I obsess with my weight and body fat.  (You can't tell by looking at me)
  • I have educated myself to know how to read that crazy printout with all the numbers.  
  • Today was the first time I have not had a loss in body fat. FRUSTRATED.  Thanks to Vaughn I learned.....
7. My half marathon training can be affecting my body fat.
  • And not in a good way.  I am burning muscle. Eating less calories and long runs are partly responsible.   
  • I have 13 weeks until my race and 2 more weeks of this challenge. If I want to win that cash and help Team Amanda I need to limit my run to only 1 long run on the weekends for the next 2 weeks.  And add in the interval cardio blueprint.  
8.  I often hate the encouragement of Darron, others who are working out with me, and the trainers.
  • Encouragement is what is meant by it.  Giving me a push. Telling me I can do it. 
  • I am trying my hardest.  I know I can do 1 more. Or finish strong.  Don't you people see my struggling.
  • When I am struggling I hear "don't quit you weakling", "I am done so hurry up and finish", "your form sucks and you can squat deeper than that",  "keep moving"....blah, blah, blah
  • I need an attitude adjustment when the going gets tough.
9. I will not float away drinking a gallon of water a day.
  • Truth...I have only actually had a gallon of water on 3 days.  I try really hard everyday to drink that much.  
  • Kindergarteners are okay for the teacher to leave them and take a restroom break.  No, I don't leave them alone. I have an assistant.  Yet one little boy insists on knocking on the door and asking me a question at least once a day.  Just like being a mom at home :)
10. QSA is full of great people.
  • Vaughn has hired the BEST STAFF on the planet.  I adore Amanda and love working out with her at 4:30pm.  She knows just the right buttons to push to motivate me.
  • All of trainers care about the clients.  Everyone is encouraging and wiling to help and answer questions. Thanks DJ and Alex---your were my support staff today.  Jason--I miss working out with you. Come visit us at 4:30 on day.
  • I love my QSA family.   My Apex buddies, my ladies, my 4:30pm peeps, the Saturday crew.... a smile,  a facebook post, a "hey, I read your blog", a "you look great".    Each of you have a quality that I strive for. Thanks for being my friends.

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