Sunday, January 19, 2014

NYNY Day 2

Breakfast was an IsaLean shake with a TBSP of natural peanut butter this morning.  I hadn't been to the grocery store yet....

My total at Publix was $120 and some change.  I first I thought OMG this is going to be more expensive than I thought.   Then I remembered that I usually spend an average of $75 a week at the grocery store, plus eating out 2 times a week, plus lunch out on Friday, and a Coke here and there thought out the week.  So in the end, I am actually saving money this week :)

For lunch, D and I had the Cobb Salad from the new recipe book.  I bought chicken at the Public deli...this will make my life easier this week.   Salads are harder for D than me....he doesn't eat tomatoes, cucumbers, or avocados.  
I must admit that I was worried about this salad.  I LOVE RANCH DRESSING!!  This salad's dressing was 1 Tbsp of olive oil and 1 Tbsp of sherry vinegar.   It was REALLY GOOD...I was wrong about this being too dry.  I did miss my ranch, though.

For dinner we had the steak and green beans from the book...minus all the garlic.  We are not fans of garlic and I am feeding a picky 9 year old.  It was more than we could eat.  And delicious.

The first 2 meals were a success and I am not hungry.  That probably has to do with the gallon of water I have had today.  I think I might float before the end of this.  (On the plus side,  the more hydrated you are, the less body fat you have when you step on that evil scale at QSA)

My only complaint for the day is that I can't get my Nike app to sync with my half marathon training app.  I have no idea the distance I ran today. 
The training app I am using is from Zen Labs...the couch to 5k people.  I chose this trainer because it is based on the principal of run 4 mins walk 1 min.  I am has been 10 years since I ran a half marathon and I know that I can't run the entire way.  
The downside to this app is you aren't training based on distance.  You are running times.  Today it was a 35 min run. 

The longest run is a 4/1 pace (5 mins) for 27 segments.  This is 2 hours and 25 mins...which should be how long it takes to run the half.
All the reviews online said you could sync it with the Nike App. I guess I need to figure this out.

Happy Day 2 to my fellow challengers.  GO TEAM AMANDA!!!

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