Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Wimpy White Boy Syndrome

Wimpy White Boy Syndrome----that's what the NICU doctors and nurses called it.
Statistics show that white males weighing less than 3 pounds thrive less than any other race/gender combination.

Wanting to know everything that I could at the time---I read and goggled everything that I could get my hands on. I wanted to know what to expect from this tiny peanut.

Yes, he went through years of speech, occupational, and physical therapy. Yes, he was almost 16 months old before he walked (with the assistance of a gait trainer). Yes, his only words at 2 years old were dada, dudu (mommy), bubu (Buck our dog), diaper, and hat. Yes, he was 19 months before he had any teeth.

HOWEVER---Jackson (and the Lord above) didn't believe in Wimpy White Boy Syndrome.

Jackson will graduate from Kindergarten tomorrow. He loves to read, can memorize math facts, and loves geography. He can carry on a conversation with anyone. He can out run me and round the bases in a ballgame with speed. These are just a few of the milestones that I once doubted we would ever reach like normal kids.

Jackson and I say, "Wimpy White Boy Syndrome----Guess you experts and statisticians were wrong at least once"


  1. Hope, I love this post. I also wondered what life was ultimately going to be like for Daniel and Amy when they were infants. I don't know if you knew that they were born at 28 weeks, Daniel weighing 1lb 14oz and Amy weighing 2lb. 2 oz. They also had the misfortune of having a birth mother who filled her body with amphetamines, barbituates, marijuana, nicotine and extreme amounts of caffeine (she admitted to "at least" two 2 liter bottles of Mt. Dew a day)
    Needless to say, we were uncertain where they would fall into place developmentally as they grew.
    I love hearing the success that you have had with Jackson and the intervention that he had to bring him to the point of being a healthy "typical" little boy. I am also happy to report that through the early intervention program in the state of OH, Daniel and Amy are now considered "typical" children on the developmental chart. (Amy still has a few issues with her balance and stability, but all other development is ahead of the norm.)
    Jackson is blessed to have you as his mommy. And, unless adoption is just something you really did not want to pursue, I highly recommend it!! :)

  2. We have talked about adoption in the past. We were waiting until Jackson was older and out of some therapy. For several years, he was in Speech, OT, and PT. Now that he is almost 7 I am pretty sure I am not ready to start over with an infant. I am surrounded by my school kiddos all day and to some of them I am a mother figure. I keep babies in the nursery at church on a regular basis. God has blessed me with opportunities to love His children.

    I am so happy to hear how well Daniel and Amy are doing. God Bless you and them.