Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Are you smarter than a Kindergartener?

Jackson and Darron were working in his Brain Booster book tonight while J was taking a bath.

This is a book I bought thinking we could use it over the summer while school was out.

I am in awe that Jackson could complete the State Riddles page. There were some that even I didn't know. I will admit that "I am not smarter than my Kindergartener"!!!

Here are some of the riddles he was answering. Once you figured out the answer, you had to name the 2 state abbreviations that made up the word.

Hot stuff that flows from a volcano
LAVA ---Louisiana and Virginia

Boats like Noah had
ARKS---Arkansas and Kansas

More than several
MANY---Massachusetts and New York

Seriously....I cannot believe that he knew the state abbreviations. Even when Darron told him the answer to the riddle, he could name the states.

Are you smarter than my Kindergartener?

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