Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Our Garden

This is the 4th year the we have had a garden.
The 1st year, we just helped Pappy Jack with his and picked what we wanted to.
The next summer I decided that I could plant, grow, eat, freeze, and use the veggies all winter.
It is work, but well worth the effort.

Meares Family Garden 2011
All of this isn't mine---just the first 3 rows
My mom and Pappy Jack (Darron's daddy) planted the rest
Mater Sandwich Tomatoes
They grow short and wide---perfect for slicing for tomato sandwiches

Bell Peppers
Garden Salsa Peppers---My favorite thing we planted this year!
Green Beans (these little guys aren't doing so great in the heat)

Okra Okra
Jackson's Cantaloupe Patch

I told J if all his cantaloupes grew, he could have a Cantaloupe Stand
and sell them.
He scooped the insides out of a cantaloupe
and planted ALL OF THE SEEDS in one area.

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