Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day 2011

This year hasn't been the "perfect father's day".

No special meals, no being lazy letting Daddy watch golf or baseball all day, no playing in the yard, or going to the lake.
No special things that we do to "honor" our fathers.

What I have seen today is true love for a father.
Darron's daddy was taken to the hospital on Friday and stayed until Saturday evening. After a rough night at home, he was taken back to the ER this morning. We left church early so that Darron could go back to the hospital to be with his dad. He and his brother both spent the morning and most of the day in the ER. At the time I am writing this we have no updates on his condition. Maybe GI, maybe pancreas, maybe liver.

Jackson did get to spend a little while in the pool with Darron once he got home. And we had pizza for dinner together in the den watching golf. Nothing special. Jackson understood that Daddy needed to be with Pappy Jack today.

Being a child means that you have to return the favor. When we are little our parents are the ones who take care of us when we are sick. As adults, the roles reverse. We go to the ER and wait and wait and wait. There is nothing that we can do. But just being there is our way of showing our love.

God has truly blessed me with an amazing husband and father of my child. He has blessed with a great dad. He also blessed me with an incredible father-in-law 11 years ago.

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