Saturday, May 14, 2011

Happy 30th Birthday!!!!!

May 15---My baby brother David's 30th birthday. (not sure how this is possible since I am still only 29)

In honor of your birthday, here are 30 reasons why you are my favorite brother:

1. Mom and Dad told me that I couldn't take you back when you were born
2. You never complained when I made you play dress up---thank goodness for you we found that old suit
3. We always had the most original dog names thanks to you---Chopsticks and Peetee
4. Even though you tried, you never hurt me beyond repair
5. "Underwear Man"
6. You always pretended to be scared of Santa even though it was just me who was afraid so we could camp out on Christmas eve
7. Of all the places you to take me in Miami, you took me to one with underwear hanging from the rafters and a beer pong table
8. Laughter beyond measure
9. Secrets that we will take to the grave
10. A partner who can help me handle BJ and HJ
11. For getting me Dale Jr's autograph even though it wasn't the most professional thing to do
12. Because I knew as much as you love to talk, you would do great things with that talent. I am proud of you.
13. For bringing me lunch at school on the days you breezed in and out of SC
14. WCJB and March Of Dimes walk in honor of Jackson
15. For walking with us this year at the MOD event
16. AND wearing a sticker
17. You are a great Uncle D-Ham---Jackson loves you
18. Keeping your end of a bet when you lose
19. And not rubbing it in too bad when you win
20. For allowing me to be there for you during the death of 2 of your greatest friends
21. For never judging how cluttered my house is
22. Or how I dress my child
23. For thoughtful gifts on my birthday and Christmas
24. and playing along with all the gag gifts through out years
25. Calling me for advice---it means a lot that you trust me that much and value my opinion
26. Memories at IOP that we continue to make
27. For being in my wedding and loving my husband like a brother
28. Babysitting (and not corrupting him too much)
29. For always supporting me and loving me unconditionally
30. Because God made me first and therefore gave me the job of being a big sister to the best little brother in the world.

I love you D-Ham and wish you a life of love and laughter.

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