Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The beginning of something new

As much as I love Facebook, I need a break.
I love sharing the always humorous and sometimes serious things that are a part of being Meares Mommy. What I don't like is what some people share. Things that rub me the wrong way, things are not meant to be hurtful but are probably taken the wrong way. Therefore, I need a FB break and I am taking one.

I am going to use this blog to continue to share the antics in my life as Meares Mommy. There are days that I think I need a cape. My new Bat Mommy shirt is the closet thing I have.

Family and Friends---please continue to visit this site. I promise to keep posting pictures and Jacksonisms :)


  1. Next thing I have to figure out is how to post a picture...I have tried a couple times and it is just not working. Never fear...Meares Mommy will not be defeated.