Monday, January 16, 2012

Advocare 24 day challenge Days 1-3

On Thursday I traded these....

For this...

The perfect time to begin my
Advocare 24 day challenge. Since my ability to do cardio and bootcamp like I had been will be hindered for a couple weeks. (I went to BOOTCAMP in my BOOT Friday night. Let's just say I didn't know I could go that many push ups and ab exercises. I sneezed yesterday and IT HURT)

I will be the first to admit---the Herbal Cleanse for the first 10 days scared me. So much so that I had to talk to 2 different people and check out several blogs before I was sure that I could handle it.
(TMI---I have not been running to the bathroom like I was afraid I was going to)

I hope this blog (and the ones that follow) will be motivation for me and others. I hope at the end of 24 days I will have a success story like no other.

Fiber drink first thing in the morning (OMG---I told D it was like runny applesauce with grass and bark mixed in. It didn't taste bad it was just the texture that was hard for me to handle) Lesson learned---drink it fast
2 Omega Plex

1/2 of a whole wheat bagel with a tbsp of cream cheese (at this point I didn't realize NO DAIRY)

For lunch we ate at Genghis Grill---I had the veggies and brown rice and a tbsp of sauce
2 Omega Plex

Low Fat Chicken Lasagna recipe from Runner's World (still haven't realized NO DAIRY)

Herbal Cleanse tabs before bed

Water (24 oz per cup) 7 cups

Fiber Drink (OMG again. I poured the last little bit out. I just couldn't do it)
2 Omega Plex

Lunch: 1/2 cup of left over chicken lasagna
2 Omega Plex

Fruit punch Spark late afternoon (I have been very tired today)

Dinner---chicken breast, 1/4 cup chicken broth, can of no salt added corn, can of low sodium black beans, and a can of diced tomatoes with green chiles---cooked in my crock pot.
You are supposed to eat this like a taco with cheese and sour cream.
I opted out of that and just had it plain.

HEADACHE....I tried more water and an apple with some peanut butter.(for the sugar) My body is going through detox. I live off of coffee and sugar. No wonder I have a headache.

Herbal Cleanse tabs before bed.

Water---6 (24 oz) cups

Day 3----I woke up feeling better
Fiber Drink (OH HAPPY DAY....I drank it all because I don't have to drink one again for a couple days)
Omega Plex
Spark (on the way to BOOT camp---again more push ups and abs. You know it is bad when you trainer says "oh, this is going to suck for you today with these modifications")

Vanilla Meal Replacement shake (YUMMO!!!)
2 Omega Plex

New Year....New Motivation...New Meares Mommy :)

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  1. Good luck Hope! I need some serious motivation. I miss my westside aquatic center body ... lol You can do it :)