Saturday, August 20, 2011

Super Mommy Saturday

Let me start of by saying I did something totally out of the realm of normal for me. And I am proud of myself.

Our Sunday School class had a tubing trip to Green River Cove planned for toady. We did not sign up to take Jackson because D and I had an auction (go figure) in Columbia tonight. On Thursday night, D and I decided that I really didn't need to go to the event with him.

Soooo...what did I decide to do. Take Jackson and join our SS class on a little lazy, easy, relaxing tubing trip. BY MYSELF.

I drove the hour and half, winding through the mountain roads. Several times I didn't think my bus of an Expedition was going to make it around the tight curves. Jackson kept telling me to "turn mommy turn".

I knew I was in for an adventure when the employee with overalls, a dirty hat, and no shoes asked "Just the 2 of you?"

I successfully got our tubes tied together, got J onto his tube, and hopped on myself for a little float down the river. All was going well until the steep, rocky, and rough patch of rapids.

Let's just say, we had a little wreck and Mommy got stuck. I had to gracefully fall out of my tube while holding on to Jackson so he and the tubes didn't float off without me.
What did Super Mommy do? Stood up, held on tight, waited on a Daddy with our group to rescue me. I dried off some tears (Jackson's...not mine), plopped right back in the tube, and continued our little adventure.

A few more bumps and rapids, some tree branches, a big get the picture....and we made it back to the parking area after a 2 hour ride on the river.

We had fun (I think).....but next time, WE ARE TAKING DADDY with us.

Super Mommy is hanging up her cape for a while :)

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