Monday, August 15, 2011

Look out 1st comes Jackson!!!

I can't believe that Jackson starts 1st grade tomorrow.
Seems like yesterday I was dropping him off in daycare with Mrs. Phyllis.

He is excited and a little anxious.
He is scared of the new classroom and making new friends.
He is excited about having Mrs. Mims, going to the big playground, and sitting on the risers in music.

He picked out his own clothes (an orange shirt...woohoo). He wanted me to make sure they looked ok so he new friends didn't think he looked dorky.

I am praying that he has a good day. Change is sometimes difficult for him.
I am sure that Mrs. Mims will see some of his nervous, "I am uncomfortable", habits this week.

But I am also sure that by Friday, he will have settled into a new routine. In classroom full of love, laughter, and learning.

Let's just hope that 1st grade is ready for my boy.....Ready or not, here he comes.

Pictures Promised :)

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