Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Fantastic First Day

Whew....I forgot how tiring the first day of Kindergarten is.
I must say that I think today was the smoothest first day of Kindergarten that I remember.

I have 23 great kiddos. We are going to have a great year. I think I am going to love being back in the Kindergarten classroom.

Jackson had a fantastic day in First Grade.
The highlights (according to him) were having 2 recess times and making a 100 on his addition paper. "Mommy, I was supposed to use these animal crackers to count and add. But I can do it in my head so I just did it my way"
And so it begins....look at Mrs. Mims, you are going to have your hands full this year.

Overall, Day 1 was a SUCCESS!!!

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