Sunday, August 24, 2014

Top Ten Teacher Gifts from Dads

I am sitting at the table working on gifts for Jackson's teachers....cute little lip balms with a tag that says "You're the BALM! Excited for a great year."

Darron is laughing at all the cheesy gifts and sayings on Pinterest so he decided to come up with a few of his own.

Here the Top Ten Teacher Gifts from a Dad
by Darron Meares

10. Lip Balm   "Here's some cap stick because I know you get tired running your mouth all day."

9. A pair of underwear  "Because I know there will come a time when you need to cover my kid's butt in your gradebook."

8. A Butterfinger "Because this is only finger my kid can give you."

7. A bottle of Jack Daniels  "You're going to need this after the 3rd week with my child"

6. A pair of boots " To wade through all the excuses my son gives"

5. A bottle of wine "To go with all the cheesy gifts my teacher wife will give you"

4. A normal cardigan sweater "Because not everyday is NOT a holiday that requires a goofy sweater"

3.  A diet Coke "To 'offset' all the sugar and candy the other kids give you"

2.  A Wal-Mart gift card "Because most dads aren't as creative as me"

1. A bottle of champagne "To celebrate surviving the year with my child"

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