Thursday, August 7, 2014

50 shades of GREY HAIRs

No this post is not about what you think it is about.  I know that there has been a lot of buzz lately about the book and the movie.  Yes, I have an opinion about both of them. No, I will not share it with you.

OMGeeeee....the grey hairs I have discovered this week are making me crazy.

I remember the first grey hair I found....I was driving home from school a couple years ago and when I looked in my rear view mirror I noticed something shiny in my hair.  I was teaching kindergarten at the time, so I thought it could be glitter or fuzz from my pipe cleaner crown (that is a story for another day).  I haphazardly tried to brush it out.  When I got home I consulted the mirror and found the shiny speck still there. OMGeeeee....A grey hair sticking up from my part.  I remember panic and then the tweezers.  GONE.

I have had a couple more over the years...all met the same fate as the first one.
Recently I have noticed a few more but decided to ignore them.  I am closer to 40 than 30 so a few grey hairs are expected. 

This week is a different story.  I am preparing myself to go back to work so this week has meant actually fixing my hair and putting on makeup. 
Hello Mr. Grey Hairs. 

50 Reasons I Have Grey Hairs.

14 years of marriage.  People often joke and say that I am a saint for putting up with Darron.  I wish those jewels they say I deserve in my wife crown were what was sparkling on my head instead of the grey hairs.  (Darron has a tough job too...I am not saint.) Marriage is hard work.  We have a good days and bad days but in the end our commitment to each other keeps us strong.

Jackson---the 9 year old.  Being a mom is the hardest job EVER.  Jackson came into this world with his own agenda and continues that today.  I am unsure where he gets his spunk, sassiness, and ATT I TUDE but I often hear my parents giggling and whispering "what goes around comes around". I have no clue why!!!

Next week I begin my 15th year teaching.   Enough said....

3 males in my included.   I have no sympathy for the men who whine about having a house full of women. 

QSA...3 small letters that my body often curses.  I love working out with the coaches at QSA.  They push me to my limits.  It is a great stress relief and keeps me young.  I think the grey hairs are trying to tell me that my body isn't what it used to be....a reminder that I am getting older.   THEY ARE FAILING.

13.1.....I ran a half marathon in April. I think my knees and ankles are told my head to sprout a few new greys to try to convince me that I was too old for things like running. 

Pickens County Princess...PCP...3 letters.  The Pickens County Princess is my alter ego.  I have some friends with alter egos named Tawanda, Moma Bear, etc.  She is the one you don't cross.  Don't mess with my family, don't question my integrity, don't make promises you can't or won't keep, always be honest with me.  Follow these rules and you and the Princess will be BFFs. 

Now to schedule my hair appointment... Amber  and I may be discussing ways for me to dump MR. GREY.

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