Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Questions....but do I really want the answers??

Remembering when J was little and all we heard was "why?" or "what that?". I heard those questions a million trillion times.
 Today his questions for us have evolved into "What happens when lightning strikes a car while you are driving it?" or "What is 400 times 12?" or even better "Do you think that I could hit a baseball out of the park at Doug Kingsmore field if I tried really hard and had a bat like the players do?"

My 2 new responses are:
1. we will Google that later
2. I. Don't. Know. (said really slow so that he knows that I really have no clue)

Cleaning J's room and bathroom this morning, I found myself with a list of questions of my own.
1. Why is your sheet crammed at the bottom of your bed? And how do you sleep like that?
2. Why are all the pictures above your bed crooked?
3. What was in that cup? And why is it STILL in your room?
4. How is that we have 27 pairs of socks and none of them match?
5. What happened to the other 47 pairs that I thought you had?
6. Why are your blinds STICKY? All the way to the top under the curtain?
7. Do we really need to keep every Sports Illustrated for Kids that we have purchased over the last 3 years? (remembering the melt down when he couldn't find the Olympic edition that I think I threw away)
8. Why is there an entire roll of WET TOILET PAPER in your trashcan?
9. Is it possible to brush your teeth without getting toothpaste on the water handles?
10.  How did all those spots that look like soap get on the ceiling above your shower?

I can only imagine the answers to these questions.  I am afraid to ask.....I really don't think I want to know.

Never a dull moment as the Meares Mommy :)

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