Saturday, October 15, 2011

bringing home a baby puppy dog...

This week we decided to add an addition to our Trio.
A gray standard poodle puppy.

A little background.....
Jackson has been talking about a sibling. All of his friends have siblings, he is lonely, a sibling could be his friend, etc.
Those of you who know our family on a personal level, know our (my) story. I was never supposed to get pregnant, Jackson was a preemie and weighed 2lbs 11oz at birth, and I had a hysterectomy 2 and half years ago at age 30. There is more to our story but I will save the details for a later post. Needless to say...a sibling is out of the realm of reality for us.

So we decided to get the next best thing...a boy's best friend...a puppy.

We knew we wanted a poodle because of Jackson's allergies and the fact that they don't shed all of the place. And we knew we wanted a big dog. Our 120lb lab, Buck, passed away almost 2 years ago. We are finally ready to start looking for a puppy.

I called a breeder my parents have gotten their Bichons from and guess what....
she had puppies that are 1 week from being ready for their new homes.

Without a second thought, we drove an hour to JUST LOOK.
"Jackson, we are JUST LOOKING at puppies. WE ARE NOT bringing one home. They may not have anything that we like. DO NOT GET ATTACHED TO A PUPPY."

Hehehehe....30 mins later, a deposit paid, and an appointment to come next weekend and pick him up.....

We are in love with our new baby "Beau".
Registered name will be "Jackson's Bowtie Buddy"

My mother told me I spelled Beau wrong----the teacher in me knows that, but the Southern Belle in me doesn't care. His name is "BEAU".

I promise to post lots of pictures of Jackson and Beau next weekend.

Now for the work ahead----cleaning and puppy proofing our house so we can
bring home a baby puppy dog!

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